Fax Innovator
Few fax manufacturers can claim a longer or more illustrious history in the fax marketplace than MML. In 1972 — at the dawn of modern facsimile telecommunication — MML began distributing fax machines in Japan under an agreement with Graphic Science, Inc. Two years later, MML began manufacturing facsimile equipment for the Japanese market under a licensing agreement with GSI.

A History of Innovation and Reliability
Few fax manufac- turers can claim a longer or more illustrious history in the fax marketplace than MML.
MML's foundation in high-technology product development and manufacturing is an especially sound one. Its five independent divisions are recognized technology leaders in their respective markets: telecommunications equipment, textile machinery, automated warehousing equipment, high-precision machine tools, and clean room equipment and systems. With more than $1.5 billion in annual revenues, MML is one of Japan's largest privately held companies.

In 1982, Murata Business Systems was formed to sell MML's fax machines through private-labeling agreements with a variety of U.S. companies. In January, 1985, the company began marketing its facsimile products under the Murata name from its corporate headquarters in Texas. To gain greater visibility and recognition in the fax marketplace internationally, MML and Murata Business Systems changed their brand name to Muratec in 1992. The new name was designed to reflect the companies' commitment to diverse and innovative technologies.
1935   Murata Machinery, Ltd. (MML), is founded.
1972   MML begins distributing fax machines in Japan.
1974   MML begins manufacturing facsimile equipment.
1985   Corporate headquarters opens in Texas; begins selling products under the Murata name.
1986   Introduces the first generation of computer/fax interface.
1992   MML and Murata Business Systems change their name to Muratec.
1998   Introduces 32-bit FaxRISC™ technology and QuadAccess™.
2001   MFX-series products are recommended by Buyers Laboratory.
2002   World's largest phone company (NTT) names Muratec top vendor in its quality and performance recognition program.
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